Family Tradition

When our company was founded in 1788, Switzerland was the largest cotton importer in Continental Europe. The activities consisted in imports of raw cotton, trading of cotton yarns and export of cotton cloths.


Today the world looks entirely different: communication, logistics and technology have made quantum ­leaps, production and consumption have experienced dramatic shifts. Our company has proven over generations that it can cope with the challenges and opportunities the business offers.


      Johann Caspar Reinhart

    • 1735–1796

      Emperor Qianlong


      Paul Reinhart-Sulzer

    • 1886

      Benz Patent-Motorwagen


      Paul Reinhart-Sulzer

    • 1891

      Swiss Army Knife


      Dr. Albert Reinhart

    • 1908


    • 1954 6th generation

      Paul Rudolf Reinhart

    • 1973

      Mobile Phone


      Paul Alfred Reinhart

    • 1980

      Swatch Wrist Watch

    • 1987 7th generation

      Thomas Paul Reinhart

    • 1999

      Rieter Compactspinning machine

    • 1989 7th generation

      Paul Jürg Reinhart

    • 2012

      Around the world in a solar airplane

Thomas Paul Reinhart<br>1987 7th generation
Paul Jürg Reinhart<br>1989 7th generation

Reinhart History




First foreign Office in Le Havre


Establishment of own organizations in Central Asia


Participation in ginning operation in West and Southeast Africa


Incorporation of Reinhart India Private Limited in Gurgaon, Haryana


Incorporation of Reinhart Australia Pty Limited in Toowoomba, Queensland


Establishment of Organization Unit China